The Classic Skills

  • Reading: word + dialogue
  • Listening: the dialogue spoken by various native speakers from different corners of D(?)
  • Speaking: record yourself and compare your pronunciation with the audio example

Skills Are Parallely Activated

Seeing + Hearing enhances the chance to remember


Visual Aids

Colour coding for nouns or illustrations (not pictures!) also help to better connect with a word


Create context and by that enhance the word’s relevance


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vokabox.com: What’s our background?

vokabox is inspired by the traditional vocab card you know from Miss Jones in secondary school, who always recommended to write them yourself in order to learn faster. She had a point, hadn’t she?

But there are so many more ways to learn a language -- or even just a word. That’s why we try to offer as many techniques as possible in just one card. Your brain will decide for itself how it’ll remember the word best.